Project Brief

Visual Solutions Studios Inc. creates renderings, walk through’s, and custom interactive presentations for real estate marketing. Visual solutions has been assisting their clients for over 20 years in real estate marketing, visualization and 3D animation. By developing captivating visuals for their clients they help elevate any marketing presentation to a whole other level. They do the visuals, we create and manage the bridge to their consumers. We achieve this by generating organic traffic to their newly redesigned website through proven SEO strategies, tactics, and analytics. As a result, Visual Solutions Studios Inc. has seen an increase in revenues by 100%.

Connect organically to consumers.

We have been working with 100Nine Marketing for over two years. The company’s responsibilities are more than what we expected. The company improved our digital marketing strategy and many IT initiatives for the office including upgrading our software to enhance productivity.

George Aggett, President, Visual Solutions Studios Inc.


  • Website Design¬†
  • SEO Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Content Management¬†
  • Social Media Management
  • IT Support


By developing a dynamic new website and digital campaigns, Visual Solutions generates more organic traffic to their website, increase consumer engagement rates and decrease bounce rates.